Family Practice

Family Practice in Saginaw, MI

Are you looking for family practice doctors near you? If so, our doctors at MI Health Clinic can help. We are accepting new patients and would be happy to work with you to address a variety of health concerns.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us today. Your wellbeing is important to us, and we want to give you the care you need as soon as possible.

What is Family Practice?

If you aren’t familiar with family practice, you may be wondering what it is. Family practice includes comprehensive health care for people of all ages. Family doctors may also be referred to as general doctors or general practitioners.

Who Should See a Family Doctor?

As mentioned, the family practice focuses on people of all ages, so anyone can see a family doctor. Babies and children may go to a family doctor for regular pediatric checkups and immunizations. Adults can visit a family doctor for annual exams and treatment.

If you are dealing with a health issue, such as diabetes or heart disease, our doctors can help you to manage your symptoms. Most general health concerns can be examined, diagnosed, and treated by a family doctor.

What Services Are Offered?

When you visit MI Health Clinic, we will give you an examination to determine what’s going on. We offer a variety of services to keep you and your family healthy. These are some of the services we offer:

If you are looking for a different family practice service, feel free to contact us. We want to provide great care to patients of all ages and with all needs. We may be able to help with additional services not listed.

If you are in need of family practice near you, give MI Health Clinic a call today. Our friendly team of doctors in Saginaw, MI is here to assist you in living a healthier, happy life.