Preventive Health Care

Preventive Health Care (Annual Exams) In Saginaw, MI

The best time to visit your doctor is before you get sick. At MI Health Clinic, we encourage our patients to prioritize preventive health care by scheduling annual exams with our doctors in Saginaw, MI. A yearly exam involves checking your physical and mental health to identify, track, and treat any health issues before they escalate.

Preventive health care is vital for individuals of all ages and genders. If you’d like to stay empowered and in control of your overall wellness, get in touch with MI Health Clinic to schedule a comprehensive medical check-up with our doctors near you.

What Happens During Your Annual Exam?

During an annual well-visit, our doctors obtain relevant information regarding your family and personal medical history. The doctors also take readings of your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, weight, and body mass index (BMI).

The doctors further check your eyesight and ears and scan your body for any suspicious lesions or moles. Then, using appropriate devices, the doctors listen to your lungs and heart and check your abdomen, lymph nodes, and thyroid glands.

We may also screen you for various cancers, including breast cancer, skin cancer, testicular cancer, and cervical cancer. Please note that we only perform checks and screenings that you have consented to and make sure to inform you of what to expect before every undertaking.

If any issues are detected, our doctors may perform additional assessments before recommending appropriate treatment. In some cases, our doctors may also administer vaccines if these are necessary and agreed upon.

Benefits of Regular Medical Exams

Yearly wellness visits are essential to your continued well-being. In particular, regular medical exams offer the following benefits:

  • Medical exams are an opportunity for the doctor to catch life-threatening health conditions in good time.
  • Regular exams allow close monitoring of chronic conditions, which prevents complications.
  • Regular medical exams improve your health and lifespan.
  • You can avoid costly medical procedures by prioritizing prevention
  • Preventive health checks improve your chances of treatment success.

Yearly wellness exams aren’t limited to individuals living with chronic conditions. To stay ahead of your health needs, we recommend scheduling annual well-check visits with our doctors in Saginaw, MI. Reach out to MI Health Clinic for more information.

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