Routine Physicals

Routine Physicals in Saginaw, MI

Routine physicals in Saginaw, MI, are a core component of preventive care. During a routine physical, our doctors near you obtain critical information regarding your health and detect disorders before they get out of hand.

We recommend scheduling routine physicals once annually if you’re older than 50 and once every three years if you’re younger. However, if you’re living with a chronic condition, you should visit MI Health Clinic more often. Our doctors will advise you on your visit schedule depending on your health demands.

What to Expect

A routine physical is an opportunity for our doctor to assess how your body is performing. Our doctor may choose to focus on particular areas depending on your health history. For example, if you have a history of heart disease or high blood pressure in your family, the doctors may perform tests to check for these conditions.

An average routine physical typically entails:

  • Updating your health history
  • Taking readings of your vitals, including your blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heart rate
  • Visual examination of your eyes, chest, abdomen, head, and musculoskeletal system
  • A physical exam
  • Laboratory tests

Routine Physicals Vs. Annual Wellness Visits

The terms ‘routine physicals’ and ‘wellness visits’ are often used interchangeably. While the goal of both medical checks is to keep you in good health, there are a few slight differences.

A routine physical is more extensive and comprehensive compared to an annual wellness exam. During a yearly wellness visit, the doctor obtains routine measurements and focuses on what’s working for you and how to keep it that way or even improve it. On the other hand, a routine physical helps the doctor figure out what’s wrong and what needs to be done.

At MI Health Clinic, our patients’ comfort is our primary priority. Whether you require an annual wellness visit or wish to undergo a routine physical, you can be confident in our commitment to ensuring a memorable experience. We rely on our doctors’ extensive experience and cutting-edge technology to offer quality services across all specialties.

We welcome patients requiring short-term care and those living with chronic conditions to call us today to schedule an appointment with our doctors in Saginaw, MI.